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I thought my branded water filter was giving me pure water all these years. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the residue after I distilled the filtered water. The tap water was very much worse. Your Monark distiller has really shown me what pure water really is!
- Mrs Oon, Kota Kemuning
We have used several brands of distillers before but found yours very easy to clean and maintain. I showed the maid how to clean the distiller just once and she has been happily cleaning it for the past 2 years with out any problems. - Pauline, Taman Megah
Your portable distiller is very suitable for my use in the clinic. We also consume the water everyday. I will get one more for my new clinic.
- Dr Halim, Taman Tun Dr. Ismail
4. When we were using the other brand it would take more than a week to get the distiller serviced. Getting ours back the very next morning from Monark is really a surprise. You guys are fantastic and professional.
-Datin Rodziah, Bangsar
5. I was quite confused with all the different types of filters in the market until I read your very informative article about the Monark Distiller. I was wrongly informed by some salesman that except for the difference in brands, filters and distillers are the same. I am glad I made the right decision to purchase your Monark distiller. I was also very fortunate to enjoy your promotion price.
- LSK, Melaka
6. There were still some distilled water left in the glass when I went to bed. The next morning I saw ants crawling in and out of the glass. Thinking that it was not clean enough I washed it with detergent and again drink from the same old glass/ The next morning to my astonishment I found the ants in the water again. Those things never happen before. The third night I left some boiled water in small glass and placed it beside the glass of leftover distilled water. Next morning was my family surprised to see the ants drinking only the distilled water. Thanks for your detailed explanation, we now understand that even insects and animals go for water that is not tainted with contaminants. Using your distiller has given my family peace of mind.
- Robert, Johor Bahru
7. Even though I have been distilling 3 times a day for the past 2 years, your distiller is still going strong. I like the descaler. Its so long lasting and easy to use. The friends I recommended are also happy about your Monark Distillers.
- Mrs Yap, Kota Baru
8. I am so lucky I came across your distiller. My customers have been advised to take their food supplements with distilled water. Buying bottled water has not been very economical until your distiller come along. Luckily the price is affordable too.
- Mr Ting Kuching
9. You should see the condition of the water in Subang Jaya. I cannot leave anything to soak overnight! There' s always some yellowish colour and funny smell even in the boiled water. Thank God my nephew asked me to read your catalogue and I have no regrets purchasing the set. Now I can see and taste the purity of the water. Your Monark Distiller should be used in all homes.
-Sandra, Subang Jaya
10. Your distiller has a simple design and very easy to maintain. I was pleasantly surprised when the distiller arrived at my clinic the very next day after I ordered. I have asked some of my patients who are looking for distillers to contact yourselves directly because I am very pleased with your service.
- Dr Rama, Alor Setar








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