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Distillation Water System
Is your drinking water polluted with
dissolved contaminants that you can't see ?
Consumption of only small traces of these contaminants over a period of time in addition to unhealthy dietary habits can contribute to a host of diseases. To remove these harmful impurities, the single most effective method is by Steam Distillation. MONARK WATER DISTILLERS can consistently remove dissolved contaminants in water which other purification methods cannot. Give your family long-term good health. Get the economical MONARK WATER DISTILLERS today, and enjoy homemade pure and fresh distilled drinking water everyday.

The Monark Water Distiller
pays for itself when compared to purchase of bottled water
Cost Comparison with Bottled Distilled Water.

Based on RM17.00 per 5 gallon Dispenser Bottle Bottled Distilled Water (RM) Monark
Homemade Distilled
Water (RM)
Cost per gallon
Cost per week (15 gal)
Cost per month (60 gal)
Cost per year(780 gal)
2, 652.00

* Based on average consumption of a family of 4 or 5 *
* Based on average tariff charges by Tenaga National *
* The cost will be doubled for 0.5 litre & 1.5 litre bottles *

One Year Warranty against manufacturing defects. Three Years Warranty for Cooling Coil. For maximum efficiency the distillers should be serviced regularly.


How To Use Monark Distilled Water System
1. Place activated charcoal into the nozzle
Before using the new distiller unit, wipe it with a clean damp cloth. DO NOT IMMERSE UNIT INTO WATER. Get a pack of activated charcoal form the box. The activated charcoal pack helps to absorb any remaining gases and unpleasant odours before the distilled water drips into the reservoir tank.

Detach the nozzle form the reservoir cover in anti-clockwise direction. Fold the charcoal pack into half and itself it into the nozzle (fig. 1&2). Slide the nozzle back into the reservoir cover to allow the distilled water to percolate the carbon pack before dripping into the reservoir tank.


2. Pour water into the stainless steel tank
Pour tap water into the stainless steel tank. Please make sure that you do not fill beyond the "full" line. If you use hot water, you can shorten the time needed to distill the water. However, make sure you do not use the plastic reservoir tank to transport hot water, otherwise, you may damage the reservoir tank.


3. Starting Up
Secure the upper cover and insert the power line into the socket on the body. Place the reservoir tank and the protective cover in proper position (fig. 3&4), insert the main power line in the electronic outlet and turn on the power switch.

The power supply will turn off automatically at the end of the distillation process. If you wish to stop the distillation process prematurely, please switch off the main power. (Power switch button is turned on when it comes out of the factory. There us no need to turn it on the very first time.)


4. Power supply is turned off automatically when distillation is completed
Approximately an hour after you have turned on the power switch, the distilled water begins to drip down into the reservoir tank. It takes about six hours to distill four litres of water. The power supply will cut off automatically when distillation is completed. You may move on to the next tank immediately after you have finished the first one. Monark Water Distiller is a quality product. You can be assured that it will never go wrong even though you use it on a continuous basis. Please press the ON button whenever you want to distill next tank of water.
Distilled water : Please place the distilled water in the refrigerator for proper storage. If you tighten the cap of the bottles, you can keep the water fresh for a long time. In addition, shake the bottle before use, to enhance the sweetness of the water.






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